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Bathing establishments / Santa Maria al Bagno - Nardò (LE)

Salsedine Beach

“Salsedine Beach” is a bath-house born between sea and rocks, in Santa Maria al Bagno, one of the most beautiful places on the Salento coast.
50 umbrellas arranged on a wide wooden deck are waiting for the bathers that here will find the right atmosphere to live days of relaxation, peace and beauty. The landscape, in fact, captures heart and soul of those who choose to spend time here.
There is also a Jacuzzi mini-pool available to guests: 5 seats to complete the idea of wellness that accompanies this new summer project.
Salsedine Beach is a perfect location to spend special times, even in the evening with live performances and musical moments that will make unforgettable the moments lived here:
Lungomare La Marmora (Loc. Quattro Colonne) - Santa Maria al Bagno - Nardò (LE)
40.1232674183 - 17.9983440041

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