Mesagne (in local dialect Misciagni) is a comune in the province of Brindisi in Puglia,on the south-east Italy coast. Its main economic activities are tourism and the growing of olives and grapes. It's the fifth - most - populous town of the province, and it is located at 15 km from Brindisi. Mesagne was an important center when Apulia was dominated by the Messapi, because it joined Oria to the port of Brindisi. After the Roman conquest, it was also an important city located on the Appian way. Its name is from these times. In the Middle Age it was called Castrum Medianum, then Castro Misciano, this is the name used from the 16th century. When Giovanni Antonio Orsini Del Balzo decided to expend the city's castle, Mesagne evolved, with the construction of a theater, a hospital and the paving of roads. The city remains important in the economy of the province to this day, with much industry in the area. The population of Mesagne in 2010 was as follows: In Mesagne, the most popular sport practised is soccer. The local football team is named A.S.D. Mesagne 1929. The team plays in the Promozione championship. Basketball is popular in the city, with two male teams; Mens Sana Mesagne and Virtus Mesagne, who play in the C2 championship. Also the female team; Meyana Mesagne who plays in A2 championship. The city's female volleyball team, Volley Mesagne, play in the C championship. The city is home to the famous taekwondo athletes Veronica Calabrese and Carlo Molfetta. The latter is an olympic champion in the 80+ kg category from the 2012 Summer Olympics of London. Media related to Mesagne at Wikimedia Commons
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