Parks / Tricase (LE)

Park Otranto Coast - Santa Maria di Leuca and Woods of Tricase

It is a regional park established by the Puglia Regional Law of 26 October 2006, n. 30 and extends itself over the territory of the municipalities of Alessano, Andrano, Castrignano Cape, Castro, Corsano, Diso, Gagliano del Capo, Ortelle, Otranto, Santa Cesarea Terme, Tiggiano and Tricase. The park also includes the area of the lighthouse at Punta Palascìa, the easternmost point of Italy.
Fundamental characteristic of this part of the coast is the presence of cavities related to the phenomenon of karst and interaction of springs combined with coastal erosion caused by the sea.
Among the most important caves are worth mentioning:
Grotta dei Cervi;
Grotta Romanelli;
Grotta Zinzulusa.
Inside them were found many fossils dating back to the Paleolithic and the Neolithic period.
Tricase (LE)
39.8808277136 - 18.3942031860

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