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Diffy Avio

Few natural ingredients, lots of love and the ice lolly is ready to be tasted: it's Diffy, born at Avio Sas. Fruit juice, mineral water and brown sugar, a simple recipe that gives space only to genuine flavours. From the choice of strictly fresh and seasonal fruits to the processing, it's a path marked by Luca Quarta's passion and his experience in the field. It is not a real ice lolly, and is much more than a sorbet. "Diffy" is different, even in the new flavour orange-ginger and lemon-ginger. Morevoer, it's a suitable ice-creram at all, as evinced by the prestigious certification “Vegan ok”, the Italian association that guarantees consumers precise ethical and environmental characteristics.
Viale Slovenia, 2 - Zona Industriale - Lecce (LE)

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