Local products / Campi Salentina (LE)

Azienda agricola San Lorenzo

Jams, preserves, marmalades and honey have a different flavor and not only because of the new and delicious combinations made to tickle the customers' curiosity, but also because in each of them can be felt the passion of those who love and respect the land.
Grandma's recipes are revisited in a modern fashion, but the care is the same. For the sowing, harvesting and processing of fruits, the direction is in the expert hands of Gabriella Minonne, young businesswoman who wanted to bet on tradition and quality, choosing a path that combines the values of the past with the accents of modern life.
Each pot has its own story as well as the combinations, apparently unusual but definitely tasty. For example, pears and Negroamaro, or pears and ginger, not to mention honey with concentrated fruit juice (cherries, strawberries, black cherries, tangerine, lemon) to be consumed in many ways: in teas, for example, or to add flavor to yoghurts.
The agricultural company San Lorenzo, born just a few years ago, is based on the values of the past.
Producing jams and preserves, apiculture.

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