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Pure creativity, elegant and original accessories as result of artistic inspiration and then tradition and innovation.
Dafdeisgn is the cradle of fashion, the nest where emotions take shape thanks to the creative intuition of Fernando Pezzuto, designer from Lecce who, through his creations, tells the female universe.
In the choice of fabrics, raw materials, colors, shapes and details of each collection come together in perfect harmony styles and trends, the cultures of the Mediterranean and the rest of the world.

Refinement, elegance and originality characterize the sophisticated Made in Italy all Dafdesign collections.
Each product, made entirely by hand, is a sensory experience that leaves its mark in the memory.
Wool, velvet, cotton, minimal style, hippie, chic, wooden handles, leather shoulder bags, clutch bags, shopping bags and more. Dafdesign has style and originality. The details speak for themselves.
Via Monte San Michele, 18 - Lecce (LE)

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