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The Spumoncino Avio is the entrepreneurial brainchild of Luca Quarta, who has revisited the typical ice cream of Salento, making it unique in shape and taste. Known and appreciated in Lecce and province, they have won many admirers outside Apulia's borders. From the classics (hazelnut and pistachio, hazelnut and chocolate, stracciatella and chocolate), to the typical ones from Salento (copeta, dark chocolate and figs; pasticciotto and mustazzolo; almond and coffee), and the uncommons (lemon cream and orange chocolate; cuban; lemon and blackberry, lemon and passion fruit).

Few natural ingredients, lots of love and the ice lolly is ready to be tasted: it's Diffy, born at Avio Sas. Fruit juice, mineral water and brown sugar, a simple recipe that gives space only to genuine flavors. From the choice of strictly fresh and seasonal fruits to the processing, it's a path marked by Luca Quarta's passion and experience in the field.
Viale Slovenia 2 - Lecce (LE)

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