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Monument to Francesca Capece

In the square outside the town hall stands the monument to Frank Capece, designed by Antonio Bortone of Ruffano, well-known sculptor of the time. The statue is made ​​of white marble from Carrara and is dedicated to Francesca Capece (Maglie, 1769-1848), the last Maglie's feudals, who at the death of her husband Antonio Lopez y Royo of the Dukes of Taurisano left all his property to the town of Maglie. In her honoe is also named the nearby high school.
The monument was inaugurated on July 29, 1900: It represents Capece sitting on a chair next to a boy, who holds a cross in her right hand, symbol of faith, and a book, symbol of knowledge, and in her left hand a shield.
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