Maglie is a town in the province of Lecce in the Apulia region of south-east Italy. The Maglie area was settled as early as the Bronze Age and the early Iron Age, and before, as testified by the presence of archaic dolmens and menhirs, and by the Cattìe site, discovered in 1980, and featuring 12,000 tools and 800 bone remains. Maglie, initially a countriside casale, developed around the castle built in the 13th century, probably under the Angevine kings of Naples and later renewed by Andriolo Lubello, the local baron under king Alfonso I of Aragon. Maglie's economy is based on commerce, craftmanship (especially of local stone), and tourism. Maglie is served by the Ferrovie Sud Est Zollino-Gagliano and Maglie-Otranto lines. It is crossed by two state roads, the SS16 Adriatica Lecce-Maglie-Otranto, and the SS275 from Santa Maria di Leuca.
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