Monacizzo is a hamlet in the municipality of Torricella with little more than 300 inhabitants. The center is located on a hill of 27m above sea level. Despite being a hamlet, Monacizzo is the older of Torricella itself. The area was already populated in Greek and Roman times; as evidence there are finds of vases and treasures of these eras found in the surrounding areas. The village's origins are uncertain and can be traced in the 10th century, when some Basilian monks founded a monastery built on another temple of Magnae Grecia's age, dedicated to the goddess Minerva. Later, the village ot destroyed and plundered several times by the Saracens. In the 12th century it became part of the possessions of the Archbishop of Taranto, while the castle was buiklt in the 16th century.
40.3286670414 - 17.4973583221

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