San Cesario di Lecce

San Cesario of Lecce is in the central and eastern Salento at 5 Km from the centre of Lecce. It falls in the Cupa Valley, which is characterized by natural, climatic and cultural affinities. Even if the territory shows witnesses belonging to the age of bronze, San Cesario's origins is linked to the Roman domination of Salento . The suggested monuments are: the Church of San Giovanni Evangelista built between 1320 and 1321 in Apulian Romanusque lower style; the Palazzo Ducale rebuilt in the XVII century on the foundations of a fortress dating to the XVI century. The structure is distributed on two floors and the front is very elaborate. In the attic there is the Civic Contemporary Art Museum established in 1979.
40.3034871674 - 18.1614303588

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