Monuments / Gallipoli (LE)

Gallipoli's walls

The walls were built in the XIV century and modernized in the sixteenth century during the Spanish period. The city always been under the threat of the invaders, was surrounded by walls, towers and ramparts. There were 12 towers or bastions Torre di San Francesco di Paola, ,Fortino di San Giorgio, Fortino di San Benedetto, Torrione di San Guglielmo, Forte di San Francesco d'Assisi, Torre del Ceraro, Baluardo di San Domenico, Bastione di Santa Venerandia, Muraglia di Scirocco, Torre di San Luca, Torre di Sant'Agata and Torre di San Giuseppe. Some of these works were destroyed and in their place were built plazas or palaces.
40.0562146029 - 17.9791688919

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