Parks / Lecce (LE)

Regional natural park Woods and swamps of Rauccio

Covering an area of ??1593 hectares, it is a protected natural area of Apulia, which was established in 2002.
From such an environmental vastness and variety comes a remarkable richness in vegetation. Equally varied is the presence of wildlife.
The park also contains some noteworthy buildings of historical and artistic importance. Along the coast there are two watch towers that , since the Middle Ages, were used for defense against the Turks; Torre Rinalda, now ruined, and Torre Chianca. In the inner zone are the manor farms Barone Vecchio, dating from the mid-16th century and the farm complex Rauccio of the 17th century.
Lecce (LE)
40.4574297415 - 18.1626105308

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