Coastal Watchtowers
Coastal Watchtowers / Santa Caterina - Nardò (LE)

Santa Caterina's tower

Torre Santa Caterina is a coastal tower located in the Municipality of Nardo, in Santa Caterina. Located at about 60 m above sea level, surrounded by a thick pine forest, was built in the 16th century with defensive functions. The building has a truncated conical base with a square plan separated from the upper body by a string course. The upper floor, with windows, ends with a bracketed cornice and has machicolations. A large stone staircase leads to the entrance door. The interior contains two superimposed environments; the ground floor was used as a shelter for animals and storage of tools, while the first floor, divided into three rooms with fireplace, was used as a residence.
40.1409835023 - 17.9886692762

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