Coastal Watchtowers
Coastal Watchtowers / Santa Maria al Bagno - Nardò (LE)

Galatena River's tower or Four Columns

It's one of the many coastal watch-towers of Salento built by Charles V in the 16th century, to defend the territory from the attacks of the Saracens. In the site of the tower there is a source of fresh water, also known by pirates who frequently attacked the area to refuel. Charles V therefore decided to protect this source by erecting the tower, which is 16m high. At the top there was a string course with corbels. The central part of the ancient tower probably collapsed not long after its construction, as a result of an enemy attack or some telluric phenomena. Today there are only the four corner bastions: that's why the tower is also known as "Four Columns".
40.1251378839 - 17.9971343278

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