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Easy Wash

Easy Wash is a self H24 carwash among the few in Puglia with ozone sanitizing. A good alternative for people who doesn't like the brushes, to make a quick carwash of great quality.
The high pressure Touch -Free and the particular technology of this plant reduce downtime and therefore the expectations.
Excellent, convenient and fast: these are the features of Easy Wash, whose headquarter is in Galatina, on the road that leads to Lecce.
It's simple to do: the vehicle is placed in the wash room where an electronic system adjusts the washing device.
The car is completely covered with the foamed detergent solution to optimize the cleaning effect.
The high pressure, finally, ensures the removal of stubborn dirt previously softened by the detergent. the rinsing steps , finally , it softened water is used and osmotic. You must try it!
Strada Provinciale 362 Galatina Lecce Km. 17,500 - Galatina (LE)
Carwash with ozone sanitizing, self-polishing and anti-scratch brushes

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