Private Transport / Lecce (LE)

Rete Trasporti Salento

Rete Trasporti Salento is the first private network of companies established to ensure timely and safe mobility to tourists and citizens throughout the Salento territory.
This association aims to ensure an effective displacements system especially in summertime. The goal is to optimize local activities in connection with each other, reducing the times of the distances thus reducing the cost to the user. The service, only on reservation, will be provided by 35 vehicles including cars, buses and minibuses that will connect all areas of Salento.
'We are a network open to all - explains Marcello Quarta, chairman of the Transport Network Salento - because we believe that the more we are, the better will be for everyone, especially for our territory'.
In short, the new network will be composed by a great number of cars, minibuses and buses available, to ensure the timely transport and safe as possible .
Via Bonaventura Mazzarella, 15 - Lecce (LE)

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