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Soleluna Bau Beach

An absolutely elegant Lido where courtesy, professionalism, hospitality and smile are at home to ensure you spend a relaxing and comfortable holiday.
Located about 8 km from the city of Lecce, the Lido Soleluna overlooks 127 meters beachfront, surrounded by white sand dunes and fragrant Mediterranean vegetation.
A natural paradise, with clear water and uncontaminated seabed.
Hard to resist the tantalizing ideas for a pleasant aperitif, or not to stop for lunch and enjoy the many proposals and many delicacies. Solelunalido, ideal relay for those who want to celebrate their events, from simple birthdays to important ceremonies, with a touch of exclusivity, taste and refinement unparalleled. In the marina of San Cataldo, particularly relevant is the ecological habitat of "Cesine", natural oasis, set of submerged ruins - remains of the ancient Roman port (port Adriano) - and the so-called "flooded church" located about 300 mt. from Lido Soleluna.
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Lungomare Marinai d'Italia - San Cataldo - Lecce (LE)
Beach facilities for animals, Free Wi-Fi, agreements with hotels, B & B, Apartments, popular, Mini Club.

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