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Nardò's castle

The structure was designed by the architect Giulio Antonio Acquaviva, Duke of Atri and pupil of Francesco di Giorgio Martini. Probably the building was conceived as an extension of an earlier building, and was characterized by a quadrangular plant surrounded by a deep moat. The manor was completed at the corners by four massive towers, one of which was later rebuilt by Guercio of Apulia after the revolution of 1647, exploded in conjunction with the Naples popular revolt led by Masaniello; surely the whole building was developed on four levels which were distributed in about 49 rooms.
The castle lost part of its consistency when it was the subject of a decisive reshuffle that led to its transformation into a civilian residence of the Personè family between the late 19th century and early 20th century, the project of Generoso De Maglie of Carpignano Salentino. Of admirable workmanship remain the eaves of the upper part of the towers, esting on a small shelf brackets. Even the main facade decorated with ashlar-work is the result of an 18th century reworking, which characterizes the final appearance of this noble building as we see it today, which now houses the Town Hall.

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